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Some online websites, such as Amazon.com and eBay.com, provide shoppers with several options to purchase retired Howard Miller wall clocks. The original Howard Miller website also provides shoppers with several new wall clock options.


The value of a Howard Miller clock is determined by the clock's age, condition, features and model type. The official Howard Miller website offers a search tool for looking up the suggested retail value for floor clocks according to model numbers. However, because these prices apply to the time when


Howard Miller clock movements are replaceable. If the clock is under warranty, send it to a repair center after contacting Howard Miller customer service.


Howard Miller sells parts for the company's clocks on its website and through its authorized dealers and service centers. Retailers such as JFK Clock Repair and Clockworks sell some parts suitable for Howard Miller clocks, as of 2015.


Wall clocks come in many varieties, but they generally belong to one of two categories: mechanical clocks and battery or electric clocks. Of these two groups, mechanical clocks have significantly more operating parts. The power source of mechanical clocks are weights on chains that are periodically


The Bulova C3543 Ashford old world clock, the Seiko wall pendulum schoolhouse clock, the Howard Miller 625-242 Elliott wall clock and the River City Clocks chiming regulator wall clock are some good regulator wall clocks. Each of these regulator wall clocks has a 4.2-star rating or higher on Amazon.


To create a large wall clock, make a template for the placement of the numbers or decorative objects, assemble the time piece, hang the template and mount the time piece and numbers to the wall. Clock making kits are often available at craft stores.


Some unique wall clocks include those shaped like frying pans, suns or stars, and ink splatters. Another unique wall clock is entitled "Whatever, I'm late" in which all the numbers are piled in a corner of the clock face.


A Miller Trust is a type of income trust that can be used to help an individual who exceeds the income limit to qualify for Medicaid in his state of residence. This type of trust is specifically used for long-term care assistance, such as placement in a skilled nursing facility.


Clark Howard's website provides articles on various topics, including consumer issues, education, finance and health, among others. The website also provides podcasts, videos and photo galleries. As of 2015, visitors can find links to message boards and Clark Howard’s social media accounts, includin