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To unfreeze a credit report, visit the website of the credit reporting agency that you used to freeze your credit report, research the requirements for unfreezing your report, and complete the designated online form. You can also unfreeze your report by certified mail or phone.


One easy way to get a computer's applications unfrozen is to open the Task Manager, click the Processes tab, and close programs that are not working to free up system resources. Often a computer freezes because one or more programs is taking up nearly all your CPU or RAM.


As soon as you discover a frozen pipe, take action to prevent it from bursting. Thaw a frozen pipe by turning on the faucet that the pipe is connected to and applying heat to melt the ice in the pipe. You need a heat source, such as an electric heating pad, a hair dryer or hot towels. How long it ta


To unfreeze a car door, start by pressing on it to remove any large chunks of ice. Then, boil water, and bring the pot of boiling water outside. Beginning with the roof, carefully pour the water over the cracks along the car door, the door handle and the lock.


Unfreezing an iPad requires checking the power source and charge before using the power button. The entire process should take no longer than a few minutes.


One safe method for unfreezing pipes is to use a pipe thawing machine. This machine attaches to the frozen section of pipe via spring-loaded clamps and then heats that section. A homeowner can rent this device from a local plumbing supply store or can purchase one new.


A credit report is a record of how well a consumer pays his bills and manages debt. Lenders use this record when determining whether to lend the consumer future credit.


Consumers can get a free annual credit report by going to the Annual Credit Report website and requesting one. To get the free report, consumers must verify their identities by giving their names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers and addresses. They must also answer a few security questions t


Consumers can see their credit reports by accessing them online through AnnualCreditReport.com or by ordering them via the phone number or mailing address provided on the site, reports Bankrate. Alternatively, each of the three major credit bureaus provides individual reports.


Read a credit report by looking at the Consumer Info section to check you are viewing the right report, checking the Credit Summary section for types of accounts and then concentrating on the Account History. Look at the last two sections for details of any court orders and inquiries.