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To send a fax with a fax machine, write the cover letter, make sure the fax machine is plugged in, set the documents to be faxed on the fax machine feeder and dial the fax number of the intended recipient. Press "send" to activate the fax machine and send the fax.


Various places offer faxing services, for a cost per page, including public libraries, many office supply stores - such as Staples - and FedEx. In addition, online fax services that allow users to send and receive faxes from their computers are available via the Interne...


To send an Internet fax, or online fax, from a computer, choose an Internet fax service provider, save the document to the computer, and upload the document to the account created with the fax service provider. It is also possible to send faxes from a mobile device. Jus...


Several companies offer free fax services online, including a fax number for receiving transmissions. eFax offers free local numbers and FaxBetter provides toll-free numbers at no charge.


A Windows-based PC that connects to a fax modem can send and receive fax using the Windows Fax and Scan software. To send a fax using Windows Fax and Scan, click Start, select All Programs, and select Windows Fax and Scan to start the program. Once started, click New Fa...


As of 2015, there is no dedicated website to look up fax numbers online for free. Options for finding fax numbers include searching for the business on AnyWho.com or YellowPages.com and visiting the company's official website. Those wishing to find an individual's perso...


It is possible to send a fax over a Windows computer by ensuring that your PC is connected to a phone line. Open the operating system's fax program, fill out the fax form, and send your fax.