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To send an email, access your email provider, open a new message field, and enter the recipient's email address. Type your message, and click Send when you finish proofreading.


To send an email, you must have access to an email service, know the email address of the person to whom you want to send a message and have an idea about what kind of message you would like to share. Most email services make sending emails fairly simple, so it should t...


In order to send a text via email, an SMS-to-email gateway must be used and the server of the number receiving the text must be known. Various places online offer server information for cellphone numbers, making it easy to locate the information needed to text any phone...


The most common way to send a large file via email is to first split the file into multiple parts by using a file archiver utility such as 7-Zip. Once the file has been split, the smaller archives can be sent as email attachments.


To send a free get well card by email, select a website to send the card from, type the recipient's email, and hit Send. Some limited processing information can also be required. Someecards, American Greetings, and 123 Greetings all have free get well e-card available. ...


The best way to send pictures through email is to use the attach function available through most email services that allows for the attachment of pictures and other small files to an email. Another option is to copy an image and paste it onto the email body, but this wi...


To send a screen shot in an email, you need to first save the screen shot in your hard drive and then attach that file to your email before finally sending it to the recipient. The screen shot file should be saved preferably in JPG format.