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Speed is also known as velocity, and it is calculated by dividing the distance traveled by the amount of time it took to cover that distance. This is expressed as a standard equation: V = D / T.


To calculate work hours, an employer records the time the employee arrives at a prescribed workplace, or on duty, and subtracts it from the time the employee stops working on that particular day. The U.S. Department of Labor describes work hours as the time when an empl...


Conventional wisdom holds that one year in a dog's life is equivalent to seven in a human's. However, while this number is not entirely inaccurate over a dog's lifetime, a dog ages faster initially. A dog's equivalent age also depends on its size and breed.


Percentages are calculated by finding what portion a fractional amount takes up out of 100. By comparing a fractional amount to x/100, a percentage can be found.


To calculate percentages on a calculator, divide the part by the whole and then multiply the answer by 100. For example, to find what percent of 80 is 20, divide 20 by 80. The result is 0.25, then multiply 0.25 by 100 which equals 25 percent.


Life expectancy calculators are based on age, gender, year born, height, weight, dietary habits, lifestyle, family medical history and geographical location. Calculations are created on using this information as an average made up of large amounts of population data.


Energy rates are calculated by adding the base cost of the energy itself and the cost of transporting the energy to the end user. In addition, companies calculate in the costs for weather-related repairs and the expense of maintaining the energy-delivery infrastructure....