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The boiling time for 2 pounds of baby red potatoes or five to 10 small red potatoes is anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes, but boiling should continue until the potatoes are tender. Boil red potatoes in salted water.


The length of time it takes to boil whole potatoes depends on the amount of potatoes and being cooked. A 1 3/4 pound bag of small potatoes cooks in about 15 minutes, once it reaches it reaches its boiling point.


Potatoes that turn black after they are boiled do so for a number of reasons, such as undergoing a reaction with the cookware being used, having bruises due to being dropped and being stored in cold conditions. To keep potatoes from turning black, they should not be stored in temperatures under 40 d


For the perfect potato salad, you should boil your potatoes for about 15 minutes in salted water or until they are just tender and easily pierced with a fork. Most important is to not overcook the potatoes, as this will yield mushy or mealy salad.


Staphylococcus aureus, a type of bacteria that normally lives on the skin and in the nose, is frequently the cause of boils, according to Mayo Clinic. The bacteria gain entry to the body via a small nick in the skin or via an insect bite.


It is not advisable to pop a skin boil with a needle, as this make an infection worse, according to WebMD. Normally, a boil is treated at home by applying warm compresses, which causes the boil to come to a head and drain on its own.


Apply warm, moist compresses to a boil several times a day until it opens, recommends MedlinePlus. Once the boil begins to drain, wash with antibacterial soap, clean with rubbing alcohol, and apply a medicated ointment and bandage, instructs WebMD. Repeat several times a day until the boil heals.


Two good loaded potato skin recipes are Nigella Lawson's Fully Loaded Potato Skins posted on the Food Network, and the Baked Potato Skins Recipe from Taste of Home magazine. The Taste of Home recipe is less labor intensive and slightly easier to make.


Boils are infections of the skin that are typically caused by staphylococcal bacteria and develop in the underlying oil glands or hair follicles, explains WebMD. The bacteria makes its way beneath the skin via minuscule cuts or abrasions and multiplies once it reaches the oil glands or hair follicle


A skin boil is a bacterial infection of a hair follicle, according to WebMD. Boils most often appear on the face, armpits, shoulders, neck and buttocks. Symptoms are a painful, red bump in the skin that starts out hard, and then softens, grows and becomes even more painful.