Women should refrain from swimming and taking hot baths for two to four weeks following a D & C procedure, according to Newton-Wellesley Hospital, as this helps to minimize the chance of infection. Douching shoudl also b... More »

The American Pregnancy Association defines IUI, or intrauterine insemination, as the placement of sperm directly inside a woman's uterus. This procedure is used to help women who have been trying to conceive for at least... More »

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Bright yellow urine usually indicates that a person is dehydrated or regularly takes vitamin supplements, according to Riverside Regional Hospital. If the urine is slightly darker or a more golden color, this indicates t... More »

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The Texas Children's Hospital reports that it is possible to have a normal, natural pregnancy after a fallopian tube has been removed. A woman who has had one fallopian tube removed has a 40 percent of having a normal pr... More »

Staying at a healthy weight, avoiding excessive alcohol and caffeine intake, and having sex daily or every other day may increase a woman's chance of conceiving, according to WebMD. Tracking menstrual cycles and ovulatio... More »

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According to Baby Centre, the chance of conceiving at 46 compared to the average annual rate of pregnancy per cycle is less than 5 percent. This low chance of fertility is not just about the number of the eggs that a wom... More »

Some theories for increasing the chance of conceiving a baby boy include having sex as close to ovulation as possible, and balancing the body's pH levels by eating a boy-friendly diet consisting of foods such as zucchini... More »