As of June 2014, the oldest living elephant is Lydia, owned by David Tesch, according to Born in 1943, Lydia is 71 years old. The second-oldest living elephant, Shirley, owned by Wild Adventures, was born in... More »

As of 2014, the oldest person with a verifiable birth certificate on record is Jeanne Calment, a 122-year-old Frenchwoman who died in 1997. The oldest verified still-living person as of 2014 is Misao Okawa, a Japanese wo... More » World View Social Sciences Population & Demography

The oldest sea turtle is said to be 400 years old. It is in captivity in the Guangzhou Aquarium in China and weighs 300 kilograms. It is not possible, however, to determine the age of the oldest sea turtle in the wild. More »

The African elephant, or loxodont, is the largest living elephant species. Adult African elephants can stand more than 12 feet tall and can weigh over 14,000 pounds. More »

An elephant is pregnant for up to two years before giving birth, the longest gestation period of any mammal. Elephants are the largest living and largest-brained land animal in the world, and a long development is needed... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Elephants

The average gestation period for an elephant is approximately 22 months. Just like with humans, this is not a hard and fast rule. One elephant was pregnant for a total of 700 days — just shy of 2 years — before giving bi... More »

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) gives the average weight of an African elephant as 6 tons. The typical weight of an African elephant varies according to the animal's gender and age. More »