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Clothing colors can affect the wearer's mood and the moods of the people with whom she comes into contact. The psychology of color attempts to classify people's reactions to colors, though much of the influence of color results from individual experiences and cultural i...


Individuals can get out of a bad mood by figuring out the cause of the negative mood and using healthy coping skills to feel better. Discovering the root of the problem is the first step to improved mental and emotional states, according to Psychology Today.


The mood of a story is a literary device that creates a certain "feel" for the work as a whole and is done through wording and descriptive narrative. Edgar Allen Poe was a master at setting a dark, disturbing mood for his works.


Music stimulates various areas of the brain, which can affect how a person feels and affect the person's ability to focus in many types of learning. Author Daniel Levitin and a group of scientists at Stanford have known that music affects not only the older parts of the...


The thermotropic liquid crystals in a mood ring twist and change colors when the peripheral temperature of the wearer changes. If the outside air is very cold or the stone is damaged, the color of the stone turns black.


Mood is a literary device authors use to evoke feelings within their readers. They create mood with their setting and character descriptions, tone and diction, or word choice.


In a series of studies, Colorado researcher Dorothy Retallick chronicled the effects of different types of music on potted plants. She found that when plants were exposed to jazz and classical music they reacted by leaning toward its source by up to 20 degrees during a ...