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Postage stamps for domestic mail in 1967 were five cents per ounce. Stamps for cards and postcards were only four cents. These prices had been in effect since Jan. 7, 1963.


How much did a postage stamp cost in 1967? Wiki User February 24, 2008 6:41AM ... There were no postage stamps in 1787. The postage stamp appeared in Great Britain in 1840. ... how much postage ...


How much did United States postage stamps cost in the year 1967? What is the equivalent inflation-adjusted price? This page will tell you. DollarTimes. Inflation; Loan Tables; Car Insurance; 1967 Postage Stamp Price in Today's Dollars. In the year 1967, American postage stamps cost $0.05. This is equivalent to $0.39 in 2020 dollars.


How much did first class postage stamp cost in 1967? ... Most used US postage stamps are worth 15 or 20 cents, the minimum amount required to catalog and stock the stamps. Unused will always be ...


How much does a postage stamp cost in 1967? Unanswered Questions. 1. How community needs impact on career choices. 2. What are the duties of a sanitary prefect in a school. 3.


This is a survey of the postage stamps and postal history of Germany and philatelically related areas. The main modern providers of service were the Reichspost (1871–1945), the Deutsche Post under Allied control (1945–1949), the Deutsche Post of the GDR (1949–1990), the Deutsche Bundespost (1949–1995), along with the Deutsche Bundespost Berlin (1949–1990), and are now the Deutsche ...


The cost of a postage stamp today is 49 cents. This is a 3 cent rate increase from 2013. The rate was increased as of Jan. 26, 2014. The postage rate is determined based on mail class and package dimensions like weight and shape.


Used postage stamps can be sold for cash if they are sold to collectors. However, the stamps should either be rare or very old or should otherwise be determined to have additional value beyond that of the postage value. The value of used stamps is affected by the markings from the cancellation process.


How much did United States postage stamps cost in the year 1964? What is the equivalent inflation-adjusted price? This page will tell you.


Postal Stationery; PHQ Cards; ... British stamps for 1967 1966 1968 . European Free Trade Association (EFTA) 1967 (February 20 1967) Commemorative European Free Trade Association (EFTA) at Wikipedia. Stamp: Sea Freight, 9d: Air Freight, 1s6d: Poster: European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Presentation Pack: