The average amount of transmission fluid a passenger car can hold is approximately 12 quarts, but it can be as much as 36 quarts dependent on the vehicle model and type. The owner's manual for a vehicle lists the amount ... More »

The kind of transmission fluid that a car needs depends on the type of transmission that the car has. Automatic transmissions take automatic transmission fluid, and manual transmissions can take a variety of oils. More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Transmission

Dirty transmission fluid causes problems when shifting gears: grinding noises, stalling or misfiring of the engine and overheating of the transmission. These problems are very similar to those caused by low transmission ... More »

If a vehicle's transmission system runs out of fluid and it is not replaced, the moving parts within the transmission and engine can grind against each other and cause irreparable damage to the system. Transmission fluid... More »

A slipping transmission is frequently caused by a problem with the vehicle's transmission fluid. Additionally, important components of the transmission, particularly the bands, may be worn or broken. Transmission slippag... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Transmission

To change transmission fluid, jack up the front of the vehicle, open the transmission pan, inspect the old transmission fluid, check the gasket, replace the filter and add new fluid. The exact steps to changing transmiss... More »

The amount of fluid required in a flush varies between 10 to 20 quarts depending on the size of the transmission in the vehicle. Larger engines use bigger transmissions and as a result require more fluid to properly fill... More »