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When calculating how much time is spent driving we assumed that an average Joe would drive from the age of 17 till his death. When calculating time spent online we estimated that a person would start using the internet at the age of 5. Sources:


WASHINGTON, D.C. (Sept. 8, 2016)- American drivers spend an average of more than 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year, according to a new survey from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The research finds that more than 87.5 percent of Americans aged 16 years and older reported driving in ...


How Much Time Do People Spend Driving? According to a poll conducted by ABC News, as of 2005, 90 percent of people polled reported that they spent at least 87 minutes a day driving. Those who commute to work reported driving approximately 100 minutes a day.


Those driving their own cars spent between 22 and 25.3 minutes, while those who used public transportation spent between 47.1 and 48.3 minutes. When considering time spent in a car driving to work, the average American male spends 25.3 minutes a day, or over 100 hours a year.


Here's How Much Time Americans Waste in Traffic ... nearly 1 percent of their time -- bumper-to-bumper. In L.A., they spend about 80 hours; in New York, around 74. ... Half a million people pledge ...


Across the country, American drivers spent more than 84 billion hours driving during 2015, according to this new data. “We measure use of the nation’s highway system in excruciating detail, but we know much less about how the system is performing,” Pickrell said.


At a nationwide average one-way drive-time of about 25.5 minutes, Americans spend more than 100 hours a year commuting to work, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.Yes, that's more than the average two weeks of vacation time (80 hours) taken by many workers during a year.


How Much Time People Spend Doing Stuff In Their Lifetime In the UK the average life expectancy is 79.5 years old; this is equivalent to 954 months, or 29037 days, or 696882 hours. I’m going to break down how long the average person spends doing stuff in their lifetimes so that you can make sure you’ve got enough time to do everything that ...


How much time do we really spend in our cars? ... you’ll spend more than 37,000 hours driving your car throughout your life — and that doesn’t even include all the miles that you might spend traveling thousands of miles in the air. ... The U.S. isn’t the only place where people spend a lot of time behind the wheel.


The first-year results of the American Driving Survey revealed that: Motorists age 16 years and older drive, on average, 29.2 miles per day or 10,658 miles per year. Women take more driving trips, but men spend 25 percent more time behind the wheel and drive 35 percent more miles than women.