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Average Height for 8-Year-Old Children. Beside how much should an 8-year-old weigh, another question is about their height. The normal height for an 8-year-old is not a single number, but instead is a range of heights. So it is common for children to be categorized in percentiles, like weight, which we will talk about in detail below.


How Much Should an 8-Year-Old Weigh? Children who are 8-years-old should weigh about 57 pounds, according to Disabled World. Boys at 8 years weigh an average of one-half pound less because they are slightly shorter.


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Ferguson on how much should an 8 year old weigh: Upon reaching adulthood, we don't take age or gender into account when determining appropriate weight, just height.


The ideal weight of an 8 year old has been decided after taking into consideration the possible effect of anorexia and obesity on a child. The average height depends on BMI. Determined using ...


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Anyanwu on how much should a 8 year old weigh: The average wt of a 19yo (at an ave height of 5'$" )would be 126lb.The normal expected range of weight varies by height.At 19 a woman could weigh anywhere from 99-195 lb and be considered appropriate for her height.


How Much Should an Eight-Year-Old Weigh? By Henrietta Padgett ; Updated April 18, 2017. Average Weight. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the average weight for an eight-year-old boy is 25.75 kilograms, or 56.77 pounds. The average weight for girls is 25.76 kilograms, or 56.79 pounds.


An 8 year old child should weigh approximately 30-40 Kg's in normal weight but please do not worry if you/your child is over or under weight. share with friends. Share to:


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My oldest two girls had their 7 and 8 year well child check-up....about 6 months late but oh well lol...anyway. They are only on the 20% for height and weight and I think they are actually average for height and weight Kaileigh is 54 lbs and 50 inches tall...she is 8.5 years old and


The recommended height and weight for an 8-year-old isn’t as clear-cut as the recommended inches and pounds from a specific chart. There may be an average height and weight for a child of any age, but these values for height and weight are not necessarily a good indication of whether your child is growing healthily.