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The amount of postage required to mail a CD depends on how it is packaged, with the least expensive method requiring the 2-ounce letter rate, or 70 cents, as of 2014. Heavier and thicker packaging materials could require the first class package rate of $2.32.


Mail the entire jewel case in a small bubble wrap envelope. Lightly tape the jewel case shut to prevent the CD from coming loose while en route. If you mail the jewel case you will always have to pay the more expensive rate. Cost: $2.75 (Media Mail rate if it stays under 1 lb) Mail the CD in a jewel or slim case, enclosed in the SwapaCD Wrapper ...


As little as one stamp is required to mail a DVD without a case. If a case or other packaging material is included in the mailer, the price rises. A DVD weighs less than 1 ounce, so only one first-class postage stamp is required to mail it. As of 2014, a first-class postage stamp costs 49 cents.


I finally found a web page that told me the postage so I could just mail the envelope and have my coffee. I decided to put up the simplest postage charts, the ones everyone wants first. My page was inspired by a similar rate page at a local post office in Lafayette, Tennessee. Some guys who work there and one or two of their buddies put up a ...


How much postage is needed to mail a letter to canada? This depends on where you are mailing the letter from, and the dimensions and weight of the letter. ... How much postage for a CD from the us ...


Back on topic, I have used no more than three stamps to send out a package before containg a DVD or a CD and it never came back. I might have paid too much, I don't know, but that's what? $1.11? Just a few pennies more than some posters have reported paying.


How much postage does it take to mail a 1099 form in required envelopes? A 1099 form, mailed in the required envelope, should be stamped with a regular first class, one ounce, stamp. As of 2014, a ...


Mailing a CD?? Postage? Anyone know how much postage you need to put on an envelope in the US to mail a CD in an envelope? Update ... How much postage is required to mail a CD? Is a postage stamp enough to send a cd in mail to other states? How much postage do I need to mail a CD in a slim jewel case?


The most cost effective way to mail a DVD is to use The United States Postal Service (USPS) media mail. You can visit any USPS location in the country to mail out your DVD. Media mail rates are based on size and weight, and a barcode discount is given for using the service. If you're sending DVDs in bulk (minimum ...


Frequently Asked Questions. Below are frequently asked questions (FAQs) for Postal Service employees.The FAQs are focused on retail and provide additional clarification on some of the major changes that took place in May to postal prices and prod­ucts.