There are more than 50 species of seagulls, with a Little Gull weighing as little as 4.2 ounces, and a Great Black-beaked Gull weighing as much as 3.8 pounds. As with their weight, seagulls also range in size from 11.5 i... More »

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All 40 species of gulls come inland to nest. Some seagulls travel inland just to nest and return to the coast during the winter, but some gulls never visit the sea at all. Birds from the family of gulls are commonly call... More »

Most species of seagull build their nests on the ground, while other species build their nests on elevated areas, such as cliffs or trees. Roofs may also be used for nesting. Seagulls build nests in colonies. Nests are c... More »

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