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How much should I tip my esthetician? Should you tip an esthetician? The answer is absolutely yes. Remember that your esthetician is providing you with a service, so you should always tip. What to tip for a facial is much like tipping a server at a restaurant. A 20% tip is good, but base it off the esthetician's performance. What to do after a ...


Most spas where you spend the night, including resort spas, hotel, and destination, or health spas, add a spa tip or "service fee" of 18-20 percent onto the massage or facial. If you think you received exceptional service, you can give the therapist additional money in the treatment room.


Etiquette gurus at the Emily Post Institute recommend tipping spa and salon professionals 15 to 20 percent of the cost of your facial. This scale can be adjusted based on the service quality, but a percentage-based tip should adequately reflect the overall quality of the establishment.


We've created a quick guide on the proper tipping etiquette for all your beauty services! Find out how much to tip your hairstylist, manicurist, and facialist with advice from the experts.


How Much Do You Tip for a Facial? According to the Emily Post Institute, customers should tip between 15 and 20 percent for spa facials. The Institute suggests a similar tip percentage for other beauty-related services, such as haircuts, manicures and pedicures, waxings and massages.


REFERRALS AND ONLINE REVIEWS ARE YOUR BEST “TIP” If you still have doubts about how much to tip for facial treatments and feel uneasy about not tipping at all, there’s plenty you can do to show your appreciation and spread good karma. “It is important to do what feels right for you.


How much should you tip for a massage? What customers do: The vast majority of people automatically tip 20 percent of the service fee, said Laura Benge, national spa director at Exhale. If you ...


Ok girls, I am getting a facial in a few days(so excited) I was wondering how much do you tip them. I have no clue how this works. Thanks


Aestheticians and other spa employees may behave like your best friend and fairy godmother all rolled into one friendly, helpful package. How do you tip for that? Well, the fact is that tipping is subjective, and the services you receive should determine how much you pay as a gratuity.


Everyone knows that you should tip at a spa when you get services like massage or facials. A 15 to 20% tip is the norm at most spas, and many resort spas add the tip on as part of the service. But things aren't as clear-cut at the medical spa , a hybrid between a medical clinic and a day spa that operates under the supervision of medical doctor.