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How Much Does the Trane Standard Efficiency XB14 Central Air Conditioner Cost? If you are looking for a cost-effective central air conditioner that will also help you lower your utility bills, this AC might be a good fit. Here is a selection of central air conditioner prices for this model.


How much does a Trane air conditioner unit cost? On average, the least expensive Trane air conditioner can cost at least $2,000, while the most expensive Trane air conditioner prices can reach up to $8,000+. The prices are going to greatly depend on the contractor you choose, the SEER rating, the exact Trane model, compressor and your ...


How much would it cost to install a 3.5 ton, Trane xb14 air conditioner? Roughly? - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them.


Trane makes one of the most complete lines of central air conditioners on the market. This Trane air conditioners price list will provide an overview of their models as well as offer sample pricing for each one. The Trane product family is divided into four categories: Ultra Efficiency, Super Efficiency, High Efficiency and Standard Efficiency.


We are SMW Refrigeration and Heating, a Trane Comfort Specialist, and in this post we’ll cover how much it typically cost to have a new residential Trane air conditioner fully installed. The factors that determine the cost of getting a new A/C is the tonnage, efficiency, brand (were focusing on Trane), discounts, rebates, and we’ll tell you everything we do when we install and what to ...


Visit Trane.com and learn what goes into your heating and air conditioning unit costs including system size, hvac installation, ... New ductwork can cost around $2,000-$3,000 because it’s extremely labor intensive and can take a few days to install when done correctly.


"XB14 Air Conditioner - Quiet, Efficient, and Safe" The Trane air conditioner we have at our home was installed when we first purchased the house 4 years ago. I am completely satisfied with the function and operation of the unit. I have never had to do any type of maintenance on the unit and never have had to have it repaired.


Trane Central Air Conditioner Prices | 2019 Buying Guide. Trane has long been one of the most popular brands (Consumer Reports) when it comes to central air conditioning units, customer satisfaction and quality.With a long standing reputation for excellent products, affordable systems that last a long time and one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings among all brands, Trane central air ...


Trane, like most air conditioning manufacturers, does not list prices on its website. Trane air conditioner prices fluctuate depending on a number of variables: the company sells the systems wholesale at different rates to contractors all over the world. What you end up paying is a combination of the price of the unit and the installation cost ...


HomeAdvisor's Air Conditioning Cost Guide gives you the average price of a new A/C unit and the cost to install it. Find out how much it costs to replace your old central air. Get estimates on adding an air conditioner to a heating system.