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They make a median wage of $20,800 per year at entry level. Game hostesses and other amusement staff average $23,870 per year. Perks. When considering a job on a cruise ship, factor in your meals, lodging and the opportunity to see exotic locales. These perks comprise an annual value of as much as $21,600 per year, assuming rent of $1,200 per ...


Carnival Cruise Lines employees with the job title Information Technology (IT) Director make the most with an average annual salary of $145,067, while employees with the title Chef de Partie make ...


Depending on the position, an employee of a cruise ship can make between $800 and $8,000 per month, plus tips, as of 2014. Workers also receive a room, food and entertainment while on the ship as part of their compensation.


One question we get asked a lot is how much money do cruise ship crew members make. This varies widely depending on what the position is onboard as well as where they are from. For example, I worked as the Broadcast Technician and being from American started at $1850 per month.


Today, cruise ships are sailing all over the world, so you have the opportunity to visit a number of exciting destinations. Q: How much time do you spend off the ship? A: The amount of time you spend off the ship depends on three main factors 1.) The contract you hold with your employer and 2.)


In positions like these, cruise ship employees can make as much as $4,500 a month. Keep in mind though, that these positions are very competitive. One of the top earning positions onboard is that of a cruise director, a position that can command as much as $80,000 per year! Although, the average cruise ship director salary is $50,000 annually.


The average Carnival Cruise Lines salary ranges from approximately $21,344 per year for Support Specialist to $55,000 per year for Server. Average Carnival Cruise Lines hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.94 per hour for Agent to $12.99 per hour for Customer Service Representative.


There's a big gap between the highest- and lowest-paid cruise-ship workers. Business Insider spoke with 35 current and former cruise-ship employees, who reported monthly earnings between $500 and ...


Now that we know the total payroll amount for all the ship employees and the number of employees, it’s simple division to see that the average Carnival employee working on a ship earns $23,558. What we don’t know is exactly how much each different employee makes.


So, how'd he survive -- and why does he miss the job so much? Cruise Critic caught up with Brian to talk about what it's really like grinding it out in the big-ship buffets and dining rooms, and ...