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How many words does it usually take to write a 5-minute speech? Get the lowdown on the ideal word count and learn from helpful tips on how to craft a compelling oratory piece. Don't forget to use our handy word counter to keep you on track.


This website helps you convert the number of words into the time it takes to deliver your speech, online and for free. This tool is useful when preparing a speech or a presentation. The number of minutes you will take is dependent on the number of words and your speed of speech, or reading speed.


The number of words that are in a 5-minute speech depends on how fast the speaker talks, but usually averages between 600 words and 900 words. This is based on the speaker talking at a rate of two or three words a minute. Very slow speakers who are very deliberate with each word might only achieve one word per second.


There are 750 words in a 5-minute speech. How many words in a 6-minute speech? There are 900 words in a 6-minute speech. How many words in a 7-minute speech? There are 1050 words in a 7-minute speech. How many words in an 8-minute speech? There are 1,200 words in an 8-minute speech.


Answer: At a typical speaking pace of 130 words per minute, a 5 minute speech will be about 650 words. Speech and publication coach Daphne Gray-Grant says that the average person speaks at about 125 to 150 words per minute (wpm) which means a five minute speech uses about 625 to 750 words. That’s about the typical length of a blog article!


So just how much should you try to fit into a five-minute speech? Presentation Magazine put the question to readers. The responses were varied. Most estimated the number of words per minute around 80-150, but some said it could be as high as 180.


Thanks for A2A. How many words do I need for a five minute speech? The data that I have on hand suggests a maximum of 200 wpm in spoken in English. It is more likely that you speak somewhere between 100–150 wpm. Quite seriously, you want to delive...


Enter in the number of words in your speech or presentation and we will give you the amount of time to deliver. 500 words=4 minutes. 1000 words=8 minutes.


depends on how fast you talk, but I would say that about 3 pages would fit into a 5 minute speech. Source(s): I had to do a 5 minute speech before and i tried fitting 7 pages into it. I ended up speaking for about 10 minutes. 0 1 15. Login to reply the answers Post; allotey. Lv 4. 3 years ago.


You might be tasked to deliver a 5-minute speech by your boss or for a class. Now you wonder, how many words does a 5-minute speech has? Can you fit everything you want to say in the speech? Do you enough material to fill those five minutes? Wonder no more, because we have the answer to your questions.