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I-95 Tolls Highway, bridge and tunnel tolls for I-95 (and several alternate routes) are listed here by state. This listing runs the entire length of I-95 from Maine to Florida.


How Many Tolls Are on I-95? There are 15 toll sections of Interstate Highway 95 along the length of its run from Maine to Florida, as of 2015. Some toll sections are set at a specific toll price for a set section of highway in a certain state. Other states have a toll placed on the entire section of the road in that state, and the toll may vary ...


Sections of I-95 running through northern Virginia and Miami, Florida, offer optional express lanes that charge tolls depending on traffic congestion. Tolls increase or decrease depending on how many cars are using the lanes. Tolls are electronically charged to a Virginia EZ Pass or a Florida Sun Pass.


Want to calculate tolls for a trip? Download the free Tollsmart apps for iPhone and Android and calculate tolls across any routes in the US & Canada. Below are toll fees for roads, tunnels and bridges across the US (prices based on cash or pay-by-mail price for cashless toll booths, 2-axle passenger vehicles, single-rear tires).


Many of these routes still exist today, but some have removed their tolls. Outside of Florida, current I-95 toll facilities are compatible with the E-ZPass electronic payment system; in Florida, while I-95 can be driven toll-free, use of the '95 Express Managed Toll Lanes' requires a SunPass transponder.


There's still another toll in MD that's hard to beat unless you go way over to US1 which is a bit far out of the way at that point. Baltimore you can take I-695 around to the West in a loop, then that should be it. Note that some tolls are in ONE direction only, like the Hudson river tolls into NY or the Delaware Memorial Br tolls and the MD tolls.


Toll Rate Calculator. The toll rate calculator is used to help determine your rate at a given facility. Use the blue circular arrow button to start over.


New Jersey Turnpike toll calculator, vehicle classes and reference information. Get toll costs, travel distance and time, hotel information and more. New Jersey travel information.


Interstate 95 (I-95) in the US state of Maine is a 303-mile-long (488 km) highway running from the New Hampshire state line near Kittery, to the Canadian border near Houlton.It is the only two-digit Interstate Highway in Maine. In 2004, the highway's route between Portland and Gardiner was changed so that it encompasses the entire Maine Turnpike (including the former I-495 between Falmouth and...


Va. gives up on some I-95 tolls. ... he said in a letter that “the imposition of tolls on I-95 is the most efficient and timely method to generate the much-needed revenue to make these ...