According to Beaver Solutions, beavers have 20 teeth total in their jaws. They consist of two incisors in the top jaw, two in the bottom jaw and 16 back teeth distributed evenly between the top and bottom jaws. More »

Adults have 32 teeth, unless they have lost some due to disease or trauma. Children only have 20 teeth. Adult teeth consist of four canines, eight incisors, eight premolars and 12 molars, which include four wisdom teeth. More »

The number of teeth a snail has depends on the type of snail, but the average snail has well over 1,000 teeth. The teeth of snails are contained in rows called a radula. These rows shift and allow missing teeth to be rep... More »

Equipped with incredibly strong jaws and sharp canine teeth, weasels kill chickens with one or more powerful bites to the head or neck. Weasels vary their tactics as necessary to secure their prey. Weasels are skilled hu... More »

Primary predators of the beaver include wolves, coyotes, mountain lions and black bears. Other animals that occasionally prey on beavers include foxes, wolverines, lynx, bobcats and alligators. Golden eagles and bald eag... More »

Cheetahs have 30 teeth total in their jaws. They have 16 teeth in their upper jaw and 14 teeth in their lower jaw. Most species of cats have exactly the same number and kinds of teeth, although the size of their jaws and... More »

While not typically aggressive unless sick or cornered, a raccoon is capable of defending itself using its sharp teeth and claws. Raccoon bites have been known to cause fractures in the bones of small animals. A bite als... More »