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How Many Teeth Does a Bear Have? Most, but not all, bears have 42 teeth, which include 12 incisors, four canines, 10 molars and 16 premolars. Bears are usually omnivores, meaning they eat plants and meats.


The exception is that of the sloth bear, which has only 40 teeth. Sloth bears have two fewer teeth than bears of other species to create a gap in the front of their mouths through which they may ...


42 teeth Most, but not all, bears have 42 teeth, which include 12 incisors, four canines, 10 molars and 16 premolars.


Brown Bear Teeth Facts . Brown bears do not normally bite their prey but instead grind and crunch with their enormous teeth to get their meal into them. The brown bear has approximately 42 teeth including large predatory teeth that the brown bear uses to shred meat and skin.


How Many Teeth Does a Polar Bear have? Polar bears are arguably the most carnivorans in the bear family. The only characteristic adaptation that makes icy bears the most carnivorous is their sharp teeth. The polar bear has 42 teeth in total with the cheek teeth appear to be more pointed than in the brown bears.


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The Arkansas black bear has very interesting teeth and in Farmington Dental and Orthodontics' dental blog we discuss the black bear's teeth and how it is different and similar to humans. Check out our blog for more information, and call to schedule an appointment with your local Farmington dentist!


Each bear’s chest mark is individual — like fingerprints. These bears have an interesting walk, with all four legs turned in while walking. Sun bears are active at night and are excellent and agile climbers. They sleep and sun bath in trees at heights from 2 to 7 m (6.5 to 23 ft).




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