Around 2 billion people worldwide celebrate Christmas every year. According to, it has become one of the biggest holidays of the year in many countries, as it is now often celebrated by Christians and non-Chr... More »

Christmas day is different to every family, person and group. Some celebrate at home by opening presents, singing carols and decorating. Others travel to parties or visit places they've never visited. Christmas has evolv... More »

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A specific person did not start Christmas, but Christmas is a traditional holiday celebrated by people throughout the world for different reasons. People find joy in exchanging gifts with one another and honoring religio... More »

Christmas occurs each year on the 25th of December; in 2014 Christmas falls on a Thursday. In 2015, Christmas will occur on a Friday, and in 2016 it will fall on a Sunday. Christmas will not fall on a Thursday again for ... More »

Charles Dickens' novella "A Christmas Carol" and O. Henry's short story "Gift of the Magi" are inspirational Christmas stories for people of all ages. Leo Tolstoy's "Papa Panov's Special Christmas" and Robert L. May's "R... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Christmas

Turkish people who celebrate Christmas eat a variety of traditional Turkish foods, including turkey, carrots, pomegranates and beans. For dessert they may eat spiced pumpkin or candied quince. More »