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The lobes that are removed do not regrow and the growth of the liver is a restoration of function, not original form. This contrasts with true regeneration where both original function and form are restored. In some other species, such as fish, the liver undergoes true regeneration by restoring both shape and size of the organ.


human liver is made of 4 lobes generally, right lobe, left lobe, quadrate lobe, caudate lobe or spiegel's lobe. in some humans, rarely fifth lobe, reidel lobe, more in females than in men, 3:1. riedel lobe is downward tongue like projection on the right lobe of liver. reported in 1988 by german surgeon bernhard mortiz ludwig reidel. this reidel lobe is an anatomical variant of liver. it should...


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Singh on how many lobes does the liver have: A Liver Lesion identified on ultrasound needs to be followed closely. You need to have LABS monitered and evaluation for hepatitis. A repeat Ultrasound or potentially Abdominal MRI may be needed. Also Consult with a GI specialist, to insure that a biopsy is not warranted.


liver anatomy. liver. STUDY. PLAY. how many lobes does the liver have? 4: left right caudate-nect to inf venacava quadrate-next to gallbladder. what does the portal triad consist of? portal vein, hepatic artery-supplies oxy blood to liver bileduct-bile produced in liver-stored in gallbladder, secreted into small intestine(via vile duct)


How Many Lobes Does a Rat's Liver Have? The rat liver has four lobes, including the median or cystic lobe, the left lateral lobe, the right lateral lobe and the caudate lobe. The left lateral lobe is the largest, and the caudate lobe is the smallest.


How many lobes does the liver have in a pig? A pig has five lobes in its liver. These include right lateral,right central, left central, left lateral, and caudate. share with friends.


How many lobes does the human liver have? the human liver has 4 lobes: the right lobe and left lobe, which may be seen in an anterior view plus the quadrate lobe and caudate lobe, which may be ...


The liver is grossly divided into two portions – a right and a left lobe, as viewed from the front (diaphragmatic) surface; but the underside (the visceral surface) shows it to be divided into four lobes and includes the caudate and quadrate lobes.. The falciform ligament, visible on the front of the liver, divides the liver into a left and a much larger right lobe.


How many lobes does the human liver have? - Answered by a verified Health Professional. ... How many "tips" does the occipital lobe of the brain have? For instance, would it be correct to say at the juncture of the occipital and parietal lobes, ...


Start studying Biology Rat Dissection. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. Create. Log in Sign up. Log in Sign up. 15 terms. emmav17. Biology Rat Dissection. STUDY. PLAY. 4. how many lobes does a rat liver have? 3. how many lobes does a human liver have? uterine horn. what do female rats have ...