As of November 2014, 18 government shutdowns have occurred in the history of the United States. The first shutdown lasted 10 days in the fall of 1976, and the most recent lasted 16 days in the fall of 2013. More » Government & Politics US Government

The government of the United States claimed Hawaii as a territory in 1900, but President William McKinley signed a joint resolution two years earlier, in 1989, annexing Hawaii. This was during a war with Spain, and naval... More » Government & Politics US Government

The government pays for schooling in the United States up to grade 12, therefore, it sets the standards that are considered acceptable for how the school is run and what type of curriculum the students will focus on. Thi... More »

Council-Manager, Mayor-Council and Commission are all common forms of local, or municipal, government in the United States. Current trends indicate that Council-Manager is the most common form of government, with 55% of ... More » Government & Politics US Government

Individuals may be listed on the United States' government watch list if they participate in a terrorist act or do something that raises suspicion. The government usually keeps its watch list private to avoid tipping off... More » Government & Politics US Government

If you're a U.S. citizen and were born within the United States, bring your government ID to your nearest UES Enrollment Center, have your photo and fingerprints taken, and pay the $128 enrollment fee. You can receive yo... More »

In the United States, civil service reform most commonly refers to the legislation that required government jobs to be given based on merit and not political allegiance. Civil service reform was brought about by the Pend... More »