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An Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree requires at least 60 credits to complete. While some A.A. degrees may require additional credits to finish special requirements, the 60-credit base requirement is standard across the nation.


An associate degree requires 60 semester credits or 90 quarter credits completed in order to earn the degree. It takes about 20 college courses to earn these credits.


A student must earn at least 120 semester credit hours to qualify for a Bachelor's Degree. One credit hour represents an hour of classroom lecture and three hours of preparation outside the class.


According to Northcentral University, "cost per credit hour" refers to the amount of tuition charged for each credit the course awards upon completion. To figure the tuition on a class, multiply the cost per credit hour by the number of credits for the course, according...


The number of credits typically required for a four-year bachelor's degree is about 120. A student needs approximately 60 credits for a two-year associate degree.


There are 60 minutes in one degree. In geometry, a circle is divided into 360 degrees. Therefore, there are 21,600 minutes in a circle. Minutes are further divided into seconds, with 60 seconds in each minute.


Credit cards usually have 16 digits but can have up to 19. According to CreditCards.com, all credit cards have common numbering schemes that signify the issuer and the user, with a check digit on the end.