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Make a decorative resin cast by combining resin and a chemical catalyst hardener and pouring it into a prepared mold. Add colors and embedded tokens as desired between prepared resin layers. Choose a well-ventilated working location that's protected from wind and free of dust.


A casting call is an audition process where people try out for roles in a film, play, television show or other type of entertainment performance. For major productions, celebrity talent is often invited to audition. An open call means anyone is allowed to show up to audition for roles.


An air cast is a cast made of a rigid or semi rigid shell, the interior being made of a series of overlapping air cells that inflate to hold the extremity secure and prevent movement. Air casts are also known as walking casts because they are easier to move around in than a traditional plaster cast.


According to KidsHealth, a walking cast is an additional piece placed on an cast's heel that allows the patient to walk while still encased. KidsHealth states that walking casts must be thoroughly dry prior to use.


Spells can be cast for free by writing a spell and then working the spell using the previously decided upon materials and method. Or, consult with members of a religion that use spells to get advice on what spell may work for the intended purpose.


Casting a spell can be done by following the nine steps of spell casting. One must believe in magic for the spell to work. He must also cast a valid spell.


In the tradition of modern Paganism, known as Wicca, casting a spell depends on ritual, timing and the strength of the caster's will. Preparation and focus are emphasized, as is the clearing of negative energy and the invitation of positive energy.


A soft cast is a cast made from flexible fiberglass casting material and molded to the patient's injured limb. Soft casts are primarily used by athletes who have healed injuries that still need extra support when they're active. The cast is molded onto the limb for practice, then cut and removed at


Engine casting numbers are identifying marks automobile manufacturers create on the block or head of an engine. These numbers are in the die cast mold and are part of each engine the mold produces. A stamped number on an engine is not the casting number but the serial number.


Early cast members of "Law and Order" include S. Epatha Merkerson, Carolyn McCormick, Sam Waterston and Jerry Orbach. Dann Florek also starred in the show's early run, and he states that the show remains a big part of his life.