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In addition to the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal benefits, there is a significant difference in calories burned. We created the calories burned sitting vs standing calculator to help show the difference in calories burned per hour, and at the end of the work week to encourage more people to be active and give standing a try.


Sitting, fidgeting feet has a Calorie Burned Score© of 4.8 out of 100 which means it gives a calorie burn of 4.8 % of the highest realistic calorie burn possible. This activity has a Calorie Burned Rank© of 94 out of 100 ie it is in the top 94 % of activities in terms of calorie burn. There are in fact 757 activities that have a higher ...


Sitting is among the lowest calorie-burning activities, but the more active you are in a sitting position, the more calories you will burn. CaloriesperHour.com's activity calculator divides sitting into several categories. For a 150-lb. person, sitting quietly burns 68 calories per hour, sitting ...


The number of calories burned varies based on weight and activities conducted while sitting. Depending on what types of activities are performed while sitting, calorie burn will differ. Sitting in a meeting at work is estimated to burn 60 calories in 30 minutes for a person who weighs 155 pounds.


The number of actual calories burned, of course, depends on your body composition, weight and metabolism. Reading a book while sitting burns 112 calories an hour for a 190-lb. man. A 163-lb. woman buns 96 calories per hour. To determine the number you would burn in a day of sitting, multiply those figures by the number of hours in your day


Have you ever wondered how many calories you burn while sleeping? While you may think the answer would be “not many,” you might be surprised to learn that your body is at work using energy ...


Case in point: The researchers also measured how many calories people burned while walking for 15 minutes, and the result was 56 calories, a significant increase over sitting, which burned 20 ...


10 Ways to Burn More Calories Just By Sitting ... of course. That's why we asked experts how to boost metabolism and burn calories while seated. ... a healthy lifestyle with these butt-blasting suggestions — just add them to your existing routine to maximize your calorie burning potential. So what are you waiting for? As you read this, you're ...


Calorie-Burn Calculator. Standing more and sitting less while at your desk promotes fitness. How many more calories can you burn while standing? Use this calculator and see the difference. Calorie-Burn Calculator. Breaking up extended periods of sitting by standing more increases calorie burn.


How are calories burned while standing calculated? The total number of calories burned for any task is calculated by first finding the calorie burn per minute - this is done by multiplying the MET value of the task by the person's body weight in kg and 3.5, then dividing that number by 200.