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Space travelers have spent over 29,000 man-days (or a cumulative total of over 77 years) in space including over 100 man-days of spacewalks. Names in italic are space travelers who have left low Earth orbit. National flags indicate the space traveler's citizenship at the time of flight(s).


As of July 13, 2014, worldspaceflight.com has on record 545 astronauts who have been to space, based on United States Air Force?s (USAF) report. F?d?ration A?ronautique Internationale?s (FAI) reports on this same website, that 539 astronauts have been to space.


This is an alphabetical list of astronauts, people selected to train for a human spaceflight program to command, pilot, or serve as a crew member of a spacecraft. For a list of everyone who has flown in space, see List of space travelers by name. More than 560 people have been trained as astronauts.


That total, however, does not include six pilots listed at Spaceline.org who earned their astronaut badges for flying X-15 jets more than 50 miles high. For many years getting into space was difficult – you either had to be selected by NASA or the Soviet Space Program to get a shot. In the last decade, however, the situation has changed.


Slightly less than two-thirds have been Americans. The vast majority were astronauts with at least two years of training, but there have also been a handful of space tourists between 2001-2009 ...


Eight Canadian astronauts have been to space on U. S. NASA SpaceShuttles or Russian Soyuz rockets. These astronauts were RobertaBondar, Marc Garneau, Steve MacLean, Robert Thirsk, BjarniTryggvason ...


No astronaut/cosmonaut has been “lost in space” (meaning floated away from the spacecraft), at least as far as the public is aware. Urban legend lore is full of stories of this and that kind of disaster Russians suffered and successfully covered up (from exploding nuclear waste to kosmonauts left on the Moon).


Astronauts have died during launch or re-entry. None have been lost or died in space. So the answer to the questio … n is: Yes, 100%, every known astronaut has been to earth. In fact, if you ...


Collection of astronaut and cosmonaut statistics. Total Number of People Who Have Been in Space (USAF definition) - 571Total Number of People Who Have Been in Space (FAI definition) - 562Total Number of People Who Have Been in Earth Orbit - 559


NASA's astronaut corps, representing almost all 50 states, has over 300 current and former members. The first astronaut team, comprised of seven men, was selected in 1959. Since then there has been a series of milestones in the history of human spaceflight, including: 1961: Russian Yuri Gagarin was the first human to fly in space.