During World War I, a total of 116,516 American soldiers were killed. That is the seventh most deaths of any country that participated in the war. The United States sent 4,355,000 soldiers to participate in the war, and ... More »

A total of 58,209 Americans died in the Vietnam War. Of these, 47,424 are listed as combat deaths, and 10,785 are listed as being killed in other circumstances. In addition, 2,489 Americans are listed as missing. More »

More than 400,000 Americans died during World War II. The vast majority of these casualties were military personnel. Only about 1,700 American civilians died during the course of the war. More »

Although an exact figure is not possible owing to questionable accuracy and destroyed records, approximately 8.5 to 10.8 million soldiers were killed during World War I. Of these deaths, 5.1 to 6.4 million were inflicted... More »

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One propaganda slogan intended to recruit soldiers during World War I was, "Don't read American history – make it!" Another good example was, "A wonderful opportunity for you – the United States Navy." More »

Life for soldiers in World War I followed a specific routine that involved waking up at around 5 a.m., performing military drills when not engaged in direct combat, eating breakfast, having an early dinner, sleeping brie... More »

A World War I bayonet is a blade, and is part of the guns that were used during World War I by most soldiers. The bayonet connects to the barrel of a battle rifle and was utilized in close combat. More »

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