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The average gestation period, or the length of pregnancy, of a lion is 108 days. The exact number of days vary, as some give birth after 105 days, and others carry their babies up to 115 days. Lions are ready for reproduction when they are 2 to 3 years old. A male lion of this age goes in search of a pride of his own.


Lions do not get pregnant; lionesses do. The average gestation period for Lions is around 105-113 days. The female gives birth to a litter of one to four cubs in a secluded den usually away from ...


Challenges lion cubs face: disease, starvation and pride conflicts. ... Hide-and-Go-Birth: The Sneaky Pregnancy of a Lioness. February 25, 2014 Written by Thomson Safaris. We’ve all heard of someone trying to hide a pregnancy; the entire period-drama genre would implode without the trope.


9. Tapir. Pregnant tapir moms-to-be have to wait 13 months to meet their little tapirs. Judging by how cute this guy is though, it almost seems worth the really long slog. 10. Walrus


How long is a female lion pregnant before she gives birth? The average gestation period for Lions is around 110 days. The female gives birth to a litter of one to four cubs in a secluded den usually away from the rest of the pride.


The lion (Panthera leo) is a species in the family Felidae; it is a muscular, deep-chested cat with a short, rounded head, a reduced neck and round ears, and a hairy tuft at the end of its tail.The lion is sexually dimorphic; males are larger than females with a typical weight range of 150 to 250 kg (330 to 550 lb) for males and 120 to 182 kg (265 to 400 lb) for females.


Actually her pregnancy lasts 108 days on average, this is called the gestation period. When a lioness' urine produces estrogen and the lions smell it, they copulate with the lioness.


Elephant Gestation: A Long Pregnancy. T he most frequently asked question about elephants here on All About Wildlife is how long do elephants live? However, the second most popular pachyderm question is, what is the elephant’s gestation period—in other words, how long does an elephant stay pregnant?


Plastic is a huge threat to Sea Lions when it is found in the water. Something that may seem safe to you such as plastic rings from a six pack of soda can be deadly for them. They will swallow the plastic and then have problems internally with the digestion process. Female Sea Lions are pregnant when they come to shore to mate again.


From fertilization to birth of lion cubs generally takes 110 days. A lioness attains only half the size of her male counterpart and she does most of the hunting. She gives birth to a litter of cubs, usually two to four, and protects them in the early stages of their lives. Like kittens, lion cubs come into the world ...