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7 Things About Braids You Need to Know Before You Get Your Own ... Exactly how long you can keep your braids in for is debatable as it is determined by how well your braids are put in and how well ...


Do you want to know the answer to how long does boys hair have to be to get braids? Well, that depends on the person braiding. The average hair length a stylist can catch is about 4-inches. If you run into a very skilled stylist they can catch down to 2-inches.


How long it take you to grow hair for braids . Ey, its been so long and ive consistently had my hair cut for a while, but how long usually average it would take you to grow your hair for braids like maybe lloyd or iverson, you know that go to your neck, max B type..knawmeen. let me know 1. best.


Anywhere from 4-8 hrs to do single braids (box braids) is normal. My Box Braids Tutorial 2nd Answer: If you are a beginner, it can take you anywhere from 8-10 hours to do your own box braids. Overtime you get faster and your braids will look more neat and consistent in size and shape.


I think many beautiful women would love to get micro braids, but fear the thought of sitting in chair for hours. So how long on average do micro braids take? Generally speaking, before braiding your hair, you should find a comb with sectioning tool.


I reminded myself that box braids are a beloved style tradition that have been embraced by the black community for years and I wanted to take part in it. So I decided to get box braids for the ...


How To Take Out Box Braids QUICKLY Step 8 of 8 ... hair once you have cut the end of your braid you could simply continue to take the braid down by hand depending on how long or how short your braids are will determine how long it will actually take you to remove your braids my braids are extremely long so if I want to I can just go ahead snip ...


Considering Box Braids? Here's Everything You Need to Know. ... Anyone with any texture can have box braids as long as their hair is long enough to create a braid. But this service requires time ...