It takes approximately 1 month for an animal affected by sarcoptic mange to recover fully from the illness, according to the ASPCA. Younger dogs have a better chance at having a full recovery from mange, while older dogs... More »

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Treatment for mange in dogs is applied either topically or orally, through a bath, shampoo, medication or injection, according to the ASPCA. Anti-parasitic medications are combined with medications that treat or prevent ... More »

Eliminate both demodectic and sarcoptic mange by dipping the affected animal in a chemical pesticide bath or lime sulfur dip that kills the mites, according to Healthy Pets. Continue treatment until three consecutive ski... More »

The signs of mange in pets include hair loss, sores, itching, scratching, the appearance of scabs and bacterial infections in dogs and itching, scratching and restlessness in cats. Mange in cats is rare, but not impossib... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health

Use sulfur compounds to treat mites in dogs after a veterinarian confirms a diagnosis of sarcoptic mange, or mite infestation. According to WebMD, the most heavily affected areas of the dog should be clipped or shaved of... More »