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For a standard color application, leave Clairol Professional hair color in for 30 minutes, and to completely cover gray, 45 minutes is recommended. During the coloring process, the first 15 minutes the color is on the hair allows it to open up the hair cuticle, getting ...


Pick a Clairol hair color by using Clairol's shade guide, considering your skin tone, choosing a light color and trying a demi-permanent hair color. If you are unsure of your choice, color experts are available at 800-252-4765 for a free hair color consultation.


Clairol's Perfect 10 hair color receives many good reviews on websites such as Ulta.com and Amazon.com. The product achieves a high overall rating on both sites, as the majority of reviewers have a positive experience with the product.


Clairol Perfect 10 hair color is still available, as of 2015. The product is available in stock at retail stores and websites such as Proctor and Gamble Shop, Soap.com, Walmart, Amazon and Drugstore.com.


While it varies based on the type of products used and the efficiency of the stylist, it usually takes around 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get hair colored at a salon, according to a poll by Glamour magazine. While most customers indicated that their salon visits were somewhere ...


How you choose a hair color depends upon whether you want a natural look, a total transformation or a hair color trend. You can also choose a hair color based on your skin tone, being light, medium, olive or dark.


Application instructions can vary by product, but most texturizers are left on the hair for a short time, typically 5 to 10 minutes. If the texturizer is left on too long, it may straighten the hair as opposed to just loosening curls.