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How reassuring! In most homes, sun is at a premium. How nice to know that I can stick my new rubber plant in a dark corner and expect it to thrive. However, the rubber plant is not a low-light plant, not if you want it to live a long life. Rather, it needs good light at all times and in fact prefers a few hours of full sun daily.


How Long Do Plants Live? The length of time a plant can live depends on the species. There are three classifications for the length of a plant's life span: annuals live one growing season, biennials live two growing seasons and perennials live more than two growing seasons.


Some plants which are called annuals will germinate, grow, flower and produce seeds then die. Most vegetables and bedding plants fall into this category and are often referred to as seasonal. Then there are the biennial plants which is a flowering...


How long plants live will affect the way we control our weeds and manage our desirable plants. We can understand why shepherd’s purse does not cause the same problem as couch, where our rhubarb goes in the winter and why our cabbages go to seed following a cold spell in summer.


How long do pepper plants live, anyway? Are they annuals, perennials or somewhere in between? Can you grow them indoors in the winter? Let’s take a look at the life of a pepper plant. Note: In the years since I have written this post I have had more experiences with keeping pepper plans going — here’s my new post.


With some common varieties that produce fruit on long vines, the plants can live until the first frost if ignored, and the cucumbers will grow too large to be useful, often turning yellow or ...


Find out more about the life cycle of a plant for kids. Get information about how long plants live and discover interesting facts with DK Find Out.


How long will my basil plants live inside? Ask Question 16. 3. ... How long can I continue to do this? Will a be able to harvest a consistent small amount of basil forever or should I take all the leaves and make pesto at some point (like I would have done if they were planted outside)? ... If you live in a cold place, the plant will die when ...


How long does the marijuana plant live? Andrew, Internet In nature, marijuana is an annual plant and usually lives only one season. This ranges from about five to 10 months. However, most varieties (except equatorials) are photoperiod sensitive. That means that they flower based on the number of ...


But you find yourself wondering how long before you’ll need to swap a new one in its place. So how long do orchids actually live? It’s a question many new orchid owners ask, and one that we’re happy to answer. How Long Do Orchids Live? The lifespan of orchids depends on the variety of orchid and type of care the plant receives.