Unwashed refrigerated grapes stay fresh for two to three weeks, according to Real Simple. However, once the grapes are rinsed, they last only a week. Grapes are best when kept in a resealable plastic bag toward the back ... More »

Broccoli can stay fresh for 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator. After that time, it may develop strong, unpleasant flavors. Do not wash the broccoli before storing, as it can become moldy; instead, store the broccoli in a p... More »

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Whole mushrooms stay fresh for about seven to 10 days, while sliced mushrooms should be eaten within five to seven days for the best quality. Once cooked, mushrooms keep for an additional seven to 10 days. More »

Fresh lemons can last on the counter for two to four weeks. If the lemons are refrigerated, they stay fresh for one to two months. More »

It normally takes between two to three weeks for grapes to fully ferment into wine after being crushed. The fermentation occurs in two stages, primary and secondary fermentation. More »

Wines stay fresh for a couple of days after opening; about 2 days for white wines and 3 days for reds according to Real Simple. Because whites have more acid, they tend to stay fresh slightly longer. More »

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Olive oil has a shelf life of two to three years when properly stored in a pantry. It does not matter if the olive oil is opened or unopened. More »