The average lifespan of a bear depends on the type of bear and whether it was kept in captivity or lived in the wild, but bears can die when they are less than 1 year old or live all the way into their late 30s. Black be... More »

A polar bear can live up to 18 years on average in the wild. In captivity, polar bears have been known to live up to 30 years. More »

The polar bear is considered by most experts to be the largest species of bear in the world. Males can reach weights of over 1,500 pounds, with the largest polar bear on record weighing over 2,200 pounds. More »

Black bears can live up to 30 years, though their average lifespan is only 10 years. The discrepancy is due to interactions with humans, as 90 percent of adult black bear deaths are due to gunfire, traps or vehicular acc... More »

A bear's habitat depends largely on the type of bear and its location in the world as bears are found in both wooded and open environments. However, most bears prefer densely sheltered areas for sleeping during the day. More »

Only one type of bear lives in the rainforest and this bear is known as the spectacled bear, or the Andean bear. It lives in several areas of South America. More »

Polar bears often live significantly longer in captivity, where they can live to 30 years or more, than in the wild, where they average between 15 and 18 years of life. A captive polar bear in Canada named Debbie lived t... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Bears