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South Korea is known for their education system, which includes very long days of up to (or over) 12 hours. Because of intense competition and cultural factors, high school students are encouraged to do schooling beyond the typical 8am-4pm schedule.


South Korean parents spend thousands of pounds a year on after-school tuition, not a private tutor coming to the home once or twice a week, but private schooling on an industrial scale.


As a foreigner teaching public elementary in Korea, I’ll readily admit, there are many differences between Korea and the U.S.Each day is far from boring. Within the first month of teaching, here’s 10 shocking facts I learned about Korean schools:. 1. Korean high school students have a 16 hour school day


Although elementary school doesn’t have long hours, a high number of students go to “academies” after school (like the one I teach at). There are Math, English, Science academies, but if a student goes to piano lessons daily they call that an academy as well.


a day as a Korean High School Student! For this week, I decided to show you a typical school day as a Korean High School Student. This is the routine I followed for a year as a senior, preparing ...


A calendar of the school terms in Seoul: all the dates when the state schools close for vacation... All Korean state schools have similar school holiday dates but there are slight variations in dates between individual schools and provinces.


Superficially, this is life for most high school students in South Korea. For three years, they repeat these seemingly boring days. The daily schedule for students of Ewha Girls High School is as follows: The first class begins at 8:10 am and the regular classes end at 5:40 pm.


Korea sends more students to study abroad than any other country, about 350,000 total. According to the NY Times, South Koreans are the largest group of international students in the U.S. The following is my attempt to describe a typical day in the life of a fictional Korean middle school student.


The School Year in South Korea. Most schools operate year-round, but their peak hiring months tend to be February and March. Universities make most of their final hiring decisions in early August and spend a few months prior gathering resumes and doing interviews.


Hi guys, I'm a 17 year old high school student in Korea. I've watched several videos about school life in other countries and I thought it would be fun to make my own video about my school life!