A female guppy's pregnancy usually lasts four to six weeks. A female guppy that is getting ready to give birth usually appears fat and has a dark spot on her abdomen that grows larger as her pregnancy progresses. More »

Most guppies live for between one and two years with proper care. It is possible for guppies to live up to four and five years, but these are exceptions. There are a number of factors that can affect their lifespan. More »

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The amount of time it takes for a guppy to give birth can vary greatly. The typical guppy gestation period ranges from 20 to 40 days. More »

Fish that lay eggs show almost no visible signs of pregnancy, although those who bear live fish start to show a definite abdominal bulge, as well as a general lethargy and signs of secretiveness in the aquarium. In an aq... More »

Guppies add life and color to a home aquarium, but they require special care to ensure their longevity. Caring for guppies requires a tank, a lighting unit, an air pump, a filtration unit, a siphon vacuum, water and fish... More »

Fancy-tailed guppies, also known as fan-tailed guppies, are a popular species of freshwater fish named for their colorful, fan-shaped tails. Male fancy-tailed guppies have the biggest, most colorful tails. More »

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The average life expectancy for a guppy is two years. Their lengthy lifespan combined with their small size makes guppies a popular choice for pet owners who want fish. Guppies tend to get along well in a fish tank and f... More »