Speeding ticket costs generally depend on the circumstances, with factors such as the location of the violation, total miles per hour over the limit, and the type of driver's license adding to a base fine, according to D... More »

After someone has been issued a speeding ticket, he can either hire a lawyer to help fight the charge, or plead guilty, pay a fine and be done with it. However, depending on the speed and how many other traffic infractio... More »

Contest a speeding ticket by finding out what type of state law governs speed limits and what measurement method was used by the officer who issued the ticket, says Nolo. Present a defense that proves a ticket was incorr... More »

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Contest a traffic violation by examining the exact wording of the law specified in the ticket and then comparing all the elements of that statute with the actual circumstances under which the ticket was written, says Nol... More »

All New York traffic fines vary in amount depending on the nature of the violation, the motorist’s driving record as measured by points on her license, surcharges and civil penalties, according to DMV.org. The amounts ca... More »

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Disobeying a traffic control device is considered a moving violation, and, depending on the state's law and the severity of the violation, penalties often include points on a driver's license, a fine or a surcharge. In N... More »

Procedures to check the status of a driver's license are determined by the state, as explained by DMV.org. For example, in Florida, the status can be checked through the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles; f... More »