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RAM, or random access memory, is measured in both size, which is typically in gigabytes, and speed, which is typically in megahertz. Computers take different sizes and types of RAM. RAM is is often simply called "memory." RAM consists of memory cards or chips that the computer's processor writes information to and receives information from.


The SI units in which RAM is measured is GigaBytes or GB. In case if your asking how can we measure the ram of our PC, then you can do this by doing a right click on MY COMPUTER/THIS PC, and click properties. In the properties, you can see the ins...


It’s measured in number of addressable memory locations (typically by bytes), and the width of each word (typically in bits). Each address bit for memory can access 2 times more memory, so 16 address bits can access 2 to the 16 power, or 65636 (64k) addresses, 20 bits could access 2 the 20 power, or 1,048,576 (1 meg) locations and so forth.


Random-access memory (RAM / r æ m /) is a form of computer data storage that stores data and machine code currently being used. A random-access memory device allows data items to be read or written in almost the same amount of time irrespective of the


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Random-access memory, or RAM, is a form of data storage that can be accessed randomly at any time, in any order and from any physical location in contrast to other storage devices, such as hard drives, where the physical location of the data determines the time taken to retrieve it. RAM is measured in megabytes and the speed is measured in ...


RAM operates at very fast speeds and is crucial to the health of a computer. RAM was measured in ns (nanoseconds) which equals one billionth of a second but with the introduction of SDRAM is now measured in MHz (megahertz).


Ram is measured in bits and bytes in logical amounts, such as 128 mb, 256 mb, 512 mb.. and so on and so forth. The amount of RAM needed depends on the actions being used on the computer.


Memory RAM Speed - Access Time, Megahertz (MHz), Bytes Per Second. Prior to SDRAM, speed was expressed in terms of nanoseconds (ns). This measured the amount of time it takes the module to deliver a data request.


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