Full synthetic oil is made differently from conventional motor oil, and vehicles that use it require fewer oil changes than those that use conventional oil. Drivers who put synthetic oil in their cars also notice less we... More »

Synthetic oil differs from conventional oil in its manufacturing process and in its performance characteristics. Synthetic oil has a longer life, can handle higher temperatures, and lubricates better than conventional oi... More »

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Jiffy Lube offers oil changes, air conditioning service, battery maintenance and replacement, brake service and tire services, among other miscellaneous tasks. Find a full listing of the services Jiffy Lube offers at Jif... More »

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The main difference between a synthetic oil and a synthetic blend is that the blend is made by mixing synthetic and conventional oil together, according to J.D. Power. This blend offers many of the benefits of a syntheti... More »

To change synthetic oil, drain the old oil out of the engine, replace the oil filter, and refill the engine with new oil. This is an easy piece of self maintenance to do at home, according to HowStuffWorks. More »

Some myths about using synthetic oil are that once it is used in a car the car can't use natural oil again, synthetic oil cannot be used in old cars, and synthetic oil improves fuel efficiency. Another common myth is tha... More »

A motor oil chart is a chart that displays and ranks the various grades of motor oil viscosity. Viscosity is determined by measuring the time it takes for a standard amount of oil to flow through a standard orifice, at s... More »