The average bicycle commuter travels at 10 miles per hour. Mountain bikers average 6.98 miles per hour over mountain trails. According to Bicycling, the average recreational road biker moves at 17 to 18 miles per hour ov... More »

According to, the average bike speed is between 9 and 18 miles-per-hour (mph). However actual speeds will depend on the rider's ability, the terrain, and the riding conditions. More »

The average person can swim about three miles per hour. Swimming is an amazing cardio exercise for weight loss, as up to 600 calories can be burned per hour. More »

The Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic, frequently abbreviated as STP, is an annual bicycle ride hosted by the Cascade Bicycle Club, typically in mid-July. Bikers travel approximately 204 miles from Seattle, Washington,... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Biking & Cycling

The average person burns approximately 250 calories per hour on a stationary bike, according to WebMD. This means they would have to cycle for 14 hours to lose one pound, but the loss would vary according to the size of ... More »

A Segway, such as the Segway PT, has two operational speeds, with the "standard" achieving a top speed of 12.5 miles per hour. The secondary mode, known as "turtle" or "beginner" mode, has a top speed of 6 mph. More »

Dirt bikes in the 125-cubic-centimeter-engine category have top speeds that range from 55 to 60 miles per hour. Heavy riders and downhill road conditions can push the operating speed above this range although it is not r... More »