A toggle switch works by using a lever to open or close an electrical circuit. Toggle switches are available in two types: maintained contact and momentary contact. Maintained switches stay in the position in which they ... More »

A switch works by interrupting current flow around an electrical circuit. A basic switch is a binary device: it is either open (off) or closed (on). The simplest type of switch is one that comprises two metal strips that... More »

To wire a toggle switch, shut off the power, drill a hole for the toggle switch, cut the wires, twist the matching ones together, and solder the wires. You need a soldering iron, a power drill, diagonal cutters, wire nut... More »

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A current relay is switch that utilizes an armature powered by an electromagnet in order to complete an electrical circuit. Relays are commonly used to operate the circuits that provide power to motors and lights. More »

A relay switch runs by sending electricity through an electromagnet in order to close or open a secondary circuit. The metal arm of the secondary circuit has a spring that is overpowered by the magnetic attraction create... More »

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An electric circuit works by providing a closed loop to allow current to flow through a system. Electrons must be able to flow throughout the circuit, completing a path from one pole of the power source to the other. Alo... More »

An electrical switch schematic works by using visual representations to depict the proper configuration of electrical components such as transistors, inductors and resistors in addition to the conductive wires used to tr... More »

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