A flush valve releases water from the toilet tank and into the bowl. The flush valve has a flapper that creates a water tight seal. This helps the toilet retain water until it is flushed. More »

To repair a urinal flush valve, empty the tank, then, if needed, reconnect the disconnected chain or strap to the flapper valve. If necessary, clean the flush valve or apply the flusher fixer kit to repair the flush valv... More »

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Remove the tank lid and perform a visual inspection of the toilet flush valve to start addressing any issues or problems the toilet may be having. Adjust the flapper or tension chain to ensure the flush valve is able to ... More »

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Some symptoms of a worn toilet tank valve are humming and constantly running water. The tank valve is responsible for filling the toilet reservoir with water in preparation for flushing. As tank valves become worn out or... More »

A heat pump works by moving heat from the outside air via a compressor, which circulates refrigerant that absorbs heat and releases heat while traveling between indoor and outdoor units. Peter von Rittinger developed and... More »

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A typical solenoid valve works by creating a magnetic field after receiving an electric current, which prompts the valve to open or close. In an engine with a diesel fuel shut-off solenoid, the solenoid is connected to t... More »

A humidifier releases water vapor into the air from an internal reservoir, dispersing it through various means. Warm mist humidifiers boil water to produce steam, while cool mist humidifiers rely on physical means to spr... More »

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