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How Does Monkfish Taste? A monkfish has a sweet flavor that is mild in nature. The monkfish has a flavor similar to lobster and is referred to as the "poor man's lobster" by those in the food industry. The monkfish has a texture that is medium in firmness and is somewhat chewy. The tail of the monkfish provides the best meat.


As I write this, both existing answers are correct, John Burgess' "mild flavor many liken to lobster" and John Miele's "poor man's lobster" comparison. I do in fact find it similar to lobster, both for the firm texture and for the flavor. What has not been mentioned is that both lobster and monkfish have just a very slight sweet taste.


Discover Food Network's guide to buying and cooking monkfish. This expert guide will help you find delicious, easy-to-make recipes.


Buying Fresh Monkfish Avoid monkfish that have a strong odor,discoloring at the edges or have dried-up brownish blood at the cut end. Cooking Monkfish. The monkfish tail meat is dense, firm and boneless, with a mild sweet taste. Often compared to the texture of scallops or lobster meat, the uncooked meat is an off white to a pale gray color ...


Eric Ripert, Executive Chef at Le Bernardin in NYC, shares his recipe for Monkfish. This fish, sometimes called the poor man's lobster, is served with snow peas, asparagus and morel mushrooms.


Now I know monkfish will never win a beauty contest when seen in its natural habitat, but the beautiful fillets nicely priced seemed worth a try. and reasearch said it was a popular fish in Europe-poor man's lobster. We broiled it and basted it with butter/garlic and were sure not to overcook. It had no taste and an offesive rubbery texture.


Monkfish are tough to catch and ugly to look at but they taste as sweet as lobster on your plate. Chef Nader Gerbin shows you how to turn one into a gourmet delight.


Which leads back to our poor man’s lobster, the monkfish. Ironically, monkfish is now catching on in the culinary world and can be just as expensive, if not more so, than lobster! Experts like to say the tail meat of monkfish is very similar in taste and texture to lobster, and I do agree.


The monkfish tasted nothing like lobster and it was tough - even after 45 minutes in my oven! The overall texture of the fish m... Read more. Marcelle Malillo Maggio ... Very similar taste and texture to lobster. Easy to make and not greasy/oily at all. Perfect with rice pilaf and veg si... Read more. More Reviews. ADVERTISEMENT.


While monkfish is useful in a stew, or any dish that would cause an ordinary fish to fall apart, it has very little flavor in itself. Doesn't even taste like most fish, let alone lobster. That makes it very useful, especially for people who don't really like fish, but for a good flavor, there are far better fish out there. ... Read the have you ...