Moisture wicking works in a way similar to that of a candle wick, from which the "wicking" process gets its name. A candle wick absorbs wax and draws it up toward the flame, and in the same way, moisture-wicking fabrics ... More »

Dryer moisture sensors determine if a tumbling load of clothes is dry by measuring the heat, weight or electrical conductivity of that load. Once the clothes are considered dry, the sensor initiates a cool-down cycle. It... More »

A moisture meter is an instrument that is designed to detect the level of moisture in various building materials. It can measure the moisture content of materials such as wood, tile, fiberglass, roofing and plaster. More »

There are several ways to price embroidery work. The simplest way to price a piece, and one that is commonly used, is to multiply the cost of the materials by five. Materials that cost $10 multiplied by five would equate... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Sewing

Heat transfer printing is a term used for the process of customizing textiles or garments, and other materials such as mugs and plates using a heat press. This printing process uses a variety of materials including vinyl... More »

Semi-analine leather is leather that has gone through the same dying process as a pure analine leather, but, the difference is that semi-analine leather has a thin finishing layer on the surface. It has the benefits of a... More »

The process for repossessing a motorhome operates in the same way as any other repossession. The laws on repossession vary by state, but in general a financed motorhome may be repossessed by the lender when the borrower ... More » Vehicles