Earwax removal kits typically contain an earwax softener solution, a rubber bulb syringe and earplugs. To remove earwax, pour the solution into your ears, and seal in the solution using earplugs. Next, fill the syringe w... More »

Over-the-counter earwax removal drops are available for individuals with an earwax problem, according to American Hearing Research Foundation. These medications usually contain a mixture of oil and peroxide. Individuals ... More »

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To use Debrox, place five to 10 drops directly from the bottle into the ear. Keep the head tilted for 15 to 30 minutes to allow the product time to dissolve the buildup, then tip the ear downward to release the solution ... More »

A rubber bulb syringe can fairly easily clean out earwax at home. In some cases, the earwax may need softening prior to using the syringe. More »

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An ear-cleaning kit contains instruments designed to painlessly and effectively remove earwax. Kit contents vary, but a standard kit may include a small vacuum, a bottle of wax-softening solution and a squeezable bulb. More »

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One good earwax removal method is using a syringe to squirt warm water into the ears and drain the liquefied cerumen. Another effective method is using over-the-counter drops to soften and reduce excess earwax, according... More »

Remove earwax from the outer ear with a washcloth and from the inner ear with drops of glycerin, baby oil or similar solutions, advises the American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery. Commercial drops, hydr... More »

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