To update a TomTom device, download TomTom HOME or MyDrive, connect your device to the computer, and wait for either application to launch and automatically check for updates. With HOME, select the application, and click... More »

Download TomTom software updates through the company's desktop application, as of 2015. You may have to install MyDrive Connect or TomTom HOME to receive updates, depending on which device you own. More » Technology Software

Update a TomTom global positioning system navigation device by visiting the TomTom website, selecting the correct update program and following the instructions provided on the site. Users can choose to update either thro... More »

The free update process for TomTom GPS devices varies depending on whether the device uses the MyDrive or TomTom HOME software. Both processes require the TomTom device to be on and plugged in to a PC or Mac. Updates are... More » Technology

To update TomTom maps, attach the TomTom navigation device to a computer with Internet. Go to TomTom Home, and log into the TomTom account. Click on Tools and select Use Latest Map Guarantee. More » Technology

To download maps on your TomTom GPS device, you need to connect your device to the computer and start TomTom Home, select the maps you want, and then click Update and Install. The computer downloads the software and inst... More » Technology

To update a TomTom, owners should test the version of the software on the device to ensure that it is the latest one. If not, installing the latest software updates the device. Update instructions are slightly different ... More » Technology