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How Do You Troubleshoot a Speedometer? The techniques for troubleshooting a speedometer vary according to the age of the vehicle. For example, cars built before 1990 made use of a cable, while newer cars use speed sensors that determine how fast the vehicle is traveling. Older vehicles may require the cable to be adjusted, while newer vehicles ...


How to Troubleshoot a VDO Electronic Speedometer by Breann Kanobi . The VDO speedometer interfaces with the gauges and senders of your vehicle in order to properly display speed. You can determine any problems with your speedometer using an ohm meter. When using an ohm meter you work with electric parts.


We often take for granted the accuracy of speedometers. This can be a dangerous and illegal mistake. Taking your speedometer to an instrumentation shop for calibration can be difficult, expensive and impractical. The following article provides a method to test the accuracy of your speedometer without removing it from ...


How to Repair a GM Speedometer: Do you drive a GM car (200 and up) and have gone past 70-80 thousand miles only to have your gauges (speedo, temp, and fuel) go out on you? Don't want to pay the $500 (more/less) that the dealer or shop will charge you? then read on and save a few...


How do you troubleshoot a broken speedometer? - Answered by a verified Jaguar Mechanic. ... WHAT COULD BE THE PROBLEM WITH MY SPEEDOMETER ON MY 1990 XJS V12 CAR WHEN IT WORKS FINE THEN BOUNCES ALL THE WAY UP TO 100 TO 140 MILES PER HOUR FROM ONLY GOING ABOUT 40 TO 50 MILES PER HOUR AND SOME ...


The symptoms noted below will give you an indication that a problem exists with your speedometer sensor: 1. Speedometer does not work. Whether you have a digital or manual speedometer, if it's not displaying accurate information, it doesn't really help you.


Usually, shielding the speedometer takes care of this problem. If you are using a SN74, make sure that dip switch #2 is ON. This will filter noise that may be on the signal going to the speedometer. This will also cure the problem of a speedometer reading while the vehicle is not moving.


If the speedometer on your automatic transmission Ford vehicle is not working, check the tail end of the transmission to see if the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) is securely attached. Another symptom ...


Bad vehicle speed sensor. Vehicle speed sensors feed information to a number of systems in the car about how fast your vehicle is traveling. The anti-lock brake system (ABS), the speedometer gauge, and cruise control are just a few of the important features of a car that rely on this vehicle speed data to do their jobs.. Wheel speed sensor


Note: These Instructions are for VDO Gauges and Accessories only. Click here for Auto Meter, Classic Instruments, Defi or ISSPRO Instructions.. Please note that if you have a problem opening the PDF files just by clicking on the link, please right click your mouse button over the file name and select "Save Target as" to your Desktop.